About Us

WolfPig was born over two years ago when one of the three creators was philosophizing with a friend about the nature of humanity. Like Native Americans, they started discussing types of people in terms of animals. They narrowed their own animals to the wolf and the pig. Then they both said WolfPig at the same time. In this energized moment, one of them knocked over a beverage. The spill formed an uncanny image of a pig above a wolf. He told his twin brother, an artist, about the experience. 

Fast forward to a year later and the artist came up with his first WolfPig composition. From that point on, the artist devoted all of his creative energy toward making WolfPig designs. He ran into an old friend at an art show and told him about their plan to start a clothing brand. The friend convinced the twins to screen print the shirts themselves. That is when he became the technical manager and the third member of WolfPig. Little did he know that he would become the photographer, web designer and videographer as well!

The three of them built a screen printing shop in the artist’s garage from scratch. They learned the discharge technique of ‘burning’ the art directly into the fabric. Their discharge process does not use ink, which results in the same ‘hand feel’ between the image and the shirt. Another advantage is that it will never fade or crack. It’s WolfPig for life! The discharge method allows for a vintage look and highly detailed designs. Every step of transferring the WolfPig artist’s original drawings onto clothing is executed by the three. Even the package your shirt comes in is hand printed in the shop.

As with all art, WolfPig is open to interpretation. When asked about what WolfPig means, the artist stated this, “WolfPig represents forces found in nature, in an individual, and in society. In regards to the nature aspect, WolfPig symbolizes the predatory way of the world. It is the yin yang balance of life. For the first season of WolfPig I focused on using the natural wolf and pig in all designs. As for the individual, I recently completed a Basquiat portrait for a future tee in the second season, where all of the focus is on the individual. Basquiat had the courage of the wolf and the hunger of the pig to rise up from the streets to become a giant in art history. In terms of society, which will be my focus in the third season, the pig represents oppressive systems that hold down the individual, the wolf.”

Whatever WolfPig represents to you, people will ponder and admire what you are expressing when you wear these artistic designs.